• Equine supplements

    The many supplements available and the manner in which their content is presented often gives rise to confusion.

    For this reason our company has chosen to make available a small but impressive range of supplemental aids, well formulated and with unique features (including herbs) which we now use routinely and in which we have total confidence.

    Used in ignorance, herbs can be hazardous, but when properly formulated and blended with pharmaceuticals of proven value, their use can be of considerable benefit in the maintenance of the health and well-being of your horse.

    The herbs used in these formulations provide a perfect illustration of the power and complexity of natural product chemistry - which can prove to be of great value when used judiciously.

    No medicinal claim can be made in respect of substances marketed as equine supplements - or of the ingredients incorporated into their formulation.

    Assessments of such can only be undertaken in three ways, through : 

    • appreciation of the known characteristics and qualities of the ingredients
    • anecdotal evidence gained by you, in their use
    • the advice of your veterinary surgeon, based on experience gained treating many horses