• Herbalism

    The art/science of herbalism goes back over 2000 years and is associated with Galen, a Greek physician of Roman times, and more recently with Nicolas Culpeper, who in the 17th century published the English Family Physician and Medical Herbal which detailed many hundreds of plants and their medicinal applications.

    In the past, the use of herbs and the development of herbal preparations, frequently known as "galenicals", were based on anecdotal evidence. It was less than 100 years ago that advances made in organic chemistry and science allowed the identification of the active ingredients of plants that have been used to treat medical conditions very successfully for hundreds of years.

    Today, herbal medicine involves the use of plant remedies in the treatment of disease, and many currently used medicines have their origin in herbal and plant material.

    In some cases it has been possible to synthesise the active ingredient to ensure its consistent potency and quality; in other cases, following the molecular manipulation of the original substance, new molecules have been created with their own characteristics, qualities and virtues.