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Joint+ 120 4S

When a horse's joints are stressed or damaged, they will naturally secrete fluid to cushion the affected area, leading to inflammation and pain and a loss or limitation of normal movement.


If one can limit such effusion and at the same time make chrondoprotective components and/or constituent elements available, the beneficial nature of such positive action can be clinically assessed through observation.

Joint+ 120 4S is made from a blend of high quality nutrients, with ingredients that support and maintain healthy skeletal components.  In a post operative application it may also be beneficial in supporting the natural healing process.

Glucosamine Sulphate and Hydrolised Collagen are the basic components of joint cartilage and have been shown to support cartilage integrity.

As hyaluronic acid is a natural important component of synovial fluid with anti-inflammatory properties, it may also prove to be of value in situations where there is damage to ligaments, tendons and joints. 

Daily dosage: horses 40 g/day, ponies 20 g/day

Content: 2.36 kg - sufficient for a 7 to 8 week treatment

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