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G500 4S

Horses in the wild and at pasture spend 70% of their time grazing, so there is no lengthy period when the stomach is empty and the lining of the stomach is subjected to gastric enzymes.

The origin of gastro-intestinal problems can be attributed to many factors, including physiological stress caused by training, long periods of illness, transportation, weaning, as well as diet and medication (some drugs are known to cause ulceration).

Gastrointestinal problems frequently go undiagnosed, yet represent a major problem to the horse owner, with inappetance, weight loss, colic, pain, behavioural problems including "wind sucking" and a reluctance to exercise. If not identified at an early stage, this can result in complications with more serious consequences.

Gastrointestinal problems are more common when horses are in training, with reduced access to grass and plants of the pasture, and this is when they most benefit from G500 4S.


This supplement is a unique combination of nutrients and natural substances developed and prepared as a dietary supplement for the management and control of gastrointestinal-related problems in the horse.

G500 4S is an aid to the maintenance of normal gastric function, affording protection to the gastric mucosa.

Supported by the inclusion of a selection of naturally occurring herbs with accepted qualities and virtues, G500 4S is available in 1 kg containers.

G500 4S can be used:

  • prior to and during periods and events known to cause stress

  • following a course of treatment, during convalescence, when the gastric mucosa remains vulnerable

  • as part of a maintenance strategy to aid horses that are predisposed to gastric ulceration

Daily dosage: immediate dosage: 50 g/day for 20 days; protective dosage: 30 g/day for 30 days

Content: 1 kg container 

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