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Muscle plus Equi4S

Muscle Plus 4S

A food supplement to enhance muscle development made from a blend of high-quality nutrients.

Muscle Plus 4S was formulated to provide support during the training of the equine athlete by assuring the ready availability of those important nutrients known to diminish during intensive training.

The formulation also includes building blocks particularly useful for debilitated horses and mares in foal. These proteinous building blocks in the form of amino-acids are included as supplementary support, not only to improve and increase muscle growth, but also to enhance other muscular functions and properties.

Unlike some other "muscle" products, Muscle Plus 4S does not work by causing fluid to be retained in the muscles but rather by encouraging muscle development.

Daily dosage: horses 60 g/day, halve the dosage after 1 week; ponies 20 g/day

Content: 1.5 kg - sufficient for a 6 to 7 week treatment

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